ITP Camp 2021

Sway Like a Tree Canopy: Telling Stories with Data

Session Leaders: kthread Surya Mattu

Tags: #itp #data #storytelling #movement #data detectives unite

Created By: kthread

Surya Mattu (investigative data journalist at The Markup, maker of Blacklight, ITP alum) and Kristen Taylor (former audience lead for Serial, Al Jazeera, and an ITP adjunct) take you on a journey from the overstory to the base of forest-like complex data sets.

Surya and Kristen worked together at The Markup on the launch of Blacklight, a tool Surya made that transforms you into a detective for your own data.

In this session, we will explore ways to make your friends excited about the patterns and practical applications of data in their daily life.

We're focused on the how and the why: using sample data sets, design decisions, and interpretive dance gestures, we will investigate moving data as a group.
Stretch with us!