ITP Camp 2021

Decolonisation, Indofuturism, Afrofuturism using VR and Emerging Technology

This is a show-and-tell session with two recent graduates from the OCAD University Digital Futures Graduate Program, Nadine Valcin and Priya Bandodkar. The graduates will showcase their master’s thesis projects: "Our Home and Haunted Land" by Nadine Valcin and "Activating Indofuturism" by Priya Bandodkar.

The two pieces of work explore the use of virtual reality and other forms of emerging technology to reimagine cultures and investigate historic issues. These projects uniquely apply contemporary digital media technologies to engage with diasporic discourse and futurism narratives.

"Our Home and Haunted Land" is a 10-minute linear virtual reality experience, using photogrammetry and point clouds, that examines the colonial histories embedded in the names of a number of Toronto spaces. "Activating Indofuturism" envisions a largely unexplored futurism discipline for India, Indofuturism as a means for Indian people and their descendants to respond to their postcolonial world, and to present-day societal challenges in India by applying various contemporary digital media technologies.

After a live presentation, the graduates will open up to the floor to the attendees and guests for questions and conversation.