ITP Camp 2021

How to keep yourself motivated during wfh?

Session Leaders: Yiting Liu

Tags: #sharing #roundtable #life #time #management #discpline #mentalhealth #love

Created By: Yiting Liu

This is a sharing session to connect all of us through a digital space. We will talk about ways to keep us sane and motivated during work from home. You can share tips on your self-love/self-care routines, and anything you can think of in terms of time management, mental health practices.

I will start by sharing some of the tools I use and ways to stay motivated to spend 4 hours each day to learn two new skills: shaders and cinema 4d.

For more information, you can check my Instagram art account or collections of 3d models or shaders.

We will use the miro board (pwd:selflove) to collect all our tools and ways to stay motivated and sane together.