ITP Camp 2021

the ethics of big tech & social media: technoethics: a conversation

Session Leaders: cari ann shim sham

Tags: #ethics #technology #socialmedia #bigtech #technoethics

Created By: cari ann shim sham

this workshop offers a conversation centered around the lack of ethics and affects and effects upon humanity in the development of big tech, social media and the internet. requires advanced viewing of the number one doc on this topic "the social dilemma", (watch party tues night 8pm) we begin a conversation around the impact of social media and technology on our lives and how to address it by engaging in conversations in break out think tank groups in order to come up with solutions. in partnership with the center for humane technology and their curricula support for academics, this workshop seeks to ask hard questions, dispel mistruths, host constructive conversations, test experiments and create a dialogue around how we must change the ways we develop and interact with tech for our survival.

a willingness to take part in workshop experiments and experience based learning around topics of social media and technology is required. final culmination of workshop is to pitch a utopian project as a seedling for new sustainable and humane business models for social media, big tech, and entrepreneurial situations, in hopes that some may go on to grow, bloom and fruit necessary change for the greater good of all.