ITP Camp 2021

Light and Interactivity with Lyn and Tom

Session Leaders: tigoe LynGodley

Tags: #light #aesthetics #arduino #WS2812 #addressable LED #neopixel

Created By: tigoe

In this session we'll introduce you to a few techniques for creating dynamic lighting fixtures. We'll talk about the aesthetics of light and how to create lighting effects through reflection, diffusion, and control of brightness and color to create dynamic and immersive experiences. We'll introduce simple control of addressable LEDs with microcontrollers, and discuss how to move beyond a bare strip of pixels in order to create lighting elements that you want to have in the spaces you live and work in everyday.

In terms of materials, we'll be using:

  • an Arduino (we'll use the Uno and the Nano 33 IoT, but you can use whichever arduino you want)
  • a breadboard if you need it
  • Addressable LEDs, specifically the WS2812 or sk6812 LEDs. They come in many forms, including strips, rings, or discs.
  • a 330 ohm resistor
  • some wire
  • some drafting film or tracing paper to act as a bit of rear projection film,
  • a frame or box. The frame we're using for the demo is an IKEA SANNAHED 25cm X 25cm. It comes with a mat that you can tape the film to.
  • AND... some shiny stuff! Such as: Aluminum foil, dichroic film, mirrored mylar, or cellophane, maybe some of that irridescent ribbon or foils that they use for party decorations. Really anything that will reflect. Not too big, it needs to fit inside the frame!

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