ITP Camp 2021

Augmented Reality Art: Bringing Art To Life with Artivive

Session Leaders: Anatola Araba

Tags: #augmented reality #AR #visual art #video #animation

Created By: Anatola Araba

**I highly recommend downloading the Artivive App before joining this session***

The future of visual art is upon us. With new augmented reality technology, any visual artwork can come to life simply by viewing your artwork through your smartphone.

In this workshop, we will make our own augmented reality artworks with Artivive.

Artivive is a new technology that allows artists to create new dimensions of art by linking classical with digital art. The digital layer opens the doors to a whole new world of possibilities. Learn more at

What do bring: • An idea for a 2D visual artwork of your very own. This can be a drawing, painting, piece of digital art, photograph, etc. • An idea for a 3D video or overlay that would give your 2D artwork a new meaning through augmented reality.

What to expect: • In addition to creating the outline for our own augmented reality artwork, we will discuss the meaning and significance of augmented reality in the visual art realm and how this technology can be used to enhance museum and gallery experiences in the future.

About the workshop leader: • Anatola is a new media artist, filmmaker, and futurist based in New York City. • Website: • Instagram:

We can't wait to explore new possibilities for the future of visual art—together!