ITP Camp 2021

Are Robots Naked? - Make robots better robots through clothing design

Session Leaders: Kari Love

Tags: #robots #human-robotinteraction #HRI #fashion #rapidprototyping #workshop #clothing

Created By: Kari Love

Are robots naked? Should they be clothed? Designing clothes for robots can help robots to be useful in a wider array of contexts, or to better adapt or function in the contexts they are already in. While we have seen robots dressed in clothes in the last few decades, robot clothes can be designed with thoughtful intentions and should be studied within Human-Robot Interaction as its own field.

Inspired by PhD candidate Natalie Friedmans' work on this topic, and supported by Kari Love's experience in costuming and robotics, Kari and Natalie will lead this interactive workshop focused on designing clothes for robots! We will begin by sharing the fun but serious academic approach we have taken on this topic, and then apply these concepts to making together with you. Come investigate and brainstorm the potential of clothes for robots with us!

Since this is an active workshop, it would be great if you could prep some materials:

Everyone - quick sketching tools

paper, pencil, pens, digital tablet, etc.

Physical Rapid Prototyping Option:

Robot robot or robot stand-in (i.e., large soap dispenser, jointed lamp, toy)

Main Material (clothes): yarn, ribbon, and/or trim, pipe cleaners fabric remnants, plastics, or other scrap materials (contents of your recycling bin), or tissue paper

Cutting: scissors, pinking shears, or exacto knife

Attachment methods or adhesives: adhesive velcro, zip ties, pins, needle and thread, hot glue gun, tape, or staples

Marking/ coloring: Sharpies or other colored markers

Drawing Option

Optional Pre-print templates for drawing robots: Robot SVG files