ITP Camp 2021

Sensitizing the Senses: Somatic Exercising for Designers

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Tags: #design #art #body #embodied experience #sensory #senses #multisensory

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This workshop aims to increase one's sensitivity towards materials for design through somatic exercising. After a brief introduction to multisensory domains of materials in design, participants will be taken on a guided, meditative exploration of the senses. Using basic materials and props that can be found in any home, participants will play with modifying the senses through materials.

Afterwards, participants will take inventory of their felt sensations and convey this to the group by completing an interpretive "Sense Collage".

A task is given to design a Sensory Tool to modify one or more senses through the strategic use of materials. The presentation of this tool will be shown to the group in a follow-up session on Wednesday June 16, from 3pm-5pm.