ITP Camp 2021

Edge Me : filtering strategies for analog sensor projects.

Session Leaders: steve daniels

Tags: #Arduino #analog #sensors #physical computing #agency #agent interactions

Created By: steve daniels

In this workshop we will look at different ways of dealing with spikes, waves and ripples that can make using analog sensors challenging. We will explore thresholds, edges and window sampling strategies including simple moving averages, exponential moving averages and median filters. Don't let the names scare you -- we will approach these methods in context -- experientially. Our Arduino's will take care of any math. We will also discuss how concepts such as timers and modolo can be your sensor's best friend. This workshop is intended to be hands on but those without hardware would be welcome to join.


Participants should have a basic knowledge of Arduino coding -- simple hello world would really be enough, but those who have tried out some sensors in advance may get more out of this workshop.

HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS (optional but recommended):

Participants who wish to do something hands-on will need their own laptop, an Arduino ( UNO is fine (or similar)) or any microcontroller that can be coded with Arduino platform as we will make heavy use of the Serial Plotter Tool, a breadboard (sensor dependant), hookup wire, a simple analog sensor (one that works with analog read) -- photocells would be excellent, cheap sonar (SRF05 or similar (5-6$ kind) would also be great, small microphones could also work (mics are little trickier -- some pre-workshop effort may be required - reach out if you want to try a mic. Photocells and/or sonar suggested.

Ping me if you have questions.

TIME : 90 minutes - 2 hrs max.


SOME HOPEFULLY USEFUL LINKS: (i am tweeking content so minor changes before tomorrow expected).



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P5 Serial Control::

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