ITP Camp 2021

Show All Things Show! (+ Group Photo!)

Session Leaders: ITP Camp you!

Tags: #all camp #sharing #show #social

Created By: Kate Hartman

Before we begin, at 7PM we'll take a group photo on Zoom! Download the ITP Camp Zoom background here. Be on time if you want to be in the photo!

The Show All Things Show is an opportunity to share something from your time at ITP Camp 2021.

It will be similar to that of the Show One Thing Show at the beginning of camp. This time the focus will be on sharing something you did during ITP Camp. Remember that you can show ANYTHING -- it can be any kind of project or experiment you created during the month, but it doesn’t have to be a project! You can share a summary of a session you led, share a favorite thing that you learned, etc. Think of it more as a sharing event, or an open mic! This will be a chill & fun event! Since this is our last event of camp, we would like EVERYONE to share something, no matter how small!


Here’s how to participate in the show:

  • RSVP for the show here!

  • Create a slide and put your name on it by Friday June 25 — you can edit it anytime afterwards

  • Save your project in the Projects tab on the ITP Camp website (this is a great way for us to document and see all the projects in one place!)

All presenters will have 3 minutes to share. If you’d like to do something longer like a performance, post a message on the #counselor-hq Slack channel, or speak to an on-duty counselor at the Counselor HQ desk. Please claim a slide by Friday, June 25 so we can get an idea of how many people are presenting. If you require more time or additional accommodations, please email the counselors at to let us know.

If you’d like feedback or help on your presentation, feel free to message the #counselor-hq Slack channel, or speak to an on-duty counselor at the Counselor HQ desk.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!!