ITP Camp 2021

Tweetable Art: GenArt Processing Sketches with #p5t

Session Leaders: madparker

Tags: #processing #generative art ##p5t #coding #java #programming

Created By: madparker

280 characters ain't much, but it's enough to make some really satisfying art!

Come to this session to see some of my favorite examples of tweetable Processing sketches, learn about some of the different styles and approaches, and learn some of the tips and tricks from someone who may have spent too much time figuring them out.

From June through November of 2020, I made a Processing Sketch every day, with the constraint that all the code had to fit into a tweet. Every night before midnight, I tweeted out a sketch, along with a video of the result. They ranged from games to ASCII art scenes to mini cellular automata.

You can find those sketches (along with sketches other people made that fit similar rules) here:

Following the presentation, I'll help you create your own #p5t sketches!

Inspired by the TinySketch competition by Rhizome ( and the Japanese #つぶやきProcessing tweets, I developed my own creative practice around a few simple rules:

1) Everything you needed had to be in the tweet, no external resources or libs 2) Sketches had to be 480x480 pixels 3) All art had to continually update without needing to be reset

Some basic knowledge of programming and Java Processing is recommended.

NOTE: Most of these tips and tricks are not great programming practices. Shorten the characters of a program is a super weird constraint that makes for some strange coding decisions, but also some super fun puzzles :)