ITP Camp 2021

Intro to Virtual Production in Unreal Engine

Session Leaders: Jack Chen

Tags: #unreal engine #virtual production #3D #beginner

Created By: Jack Chen

As virtual production technology continuously improve and popularize in productions such as Disney's "The Mandalorian", this session offers a starting point for those interested in learning about Virtual Production and Unreal Engine.

In this introductory workshop intended for absolute beginners, we will introduce the basic interface of Unreal Engine (UE) and build a scene using pre made assets from the Epic Games store with simple lighting and camera setup. If time permits, we will also go over the basic features of UE's sequencer and use it to keyframe movements within the scene and export our works as a video.

For those interested in following along, please install Unreal Engine 4 and Epic Games Launcher on your computer prior to the session.

Unreal Engine 4:

Epic Games Launcher:

(Feel free to browse the marketplace in epic games launcher and download some free assets that you'd like to include in your scene as well)