ITP Camp 2021

DOM.create: Build, update & style the DOM with ease and no framework

Session Leaders: Lenin Compres

Tags: #js #javascript #web development #front-end #frameworks #dinamyc #web #programming

Created By: Lenin Compres

If vanilla JavaScript can do it, why can't we?

The DOM.create method creates web pages (or apps) using a structural JavaScript object (JSON) as a model. It is a client-side library that requires no installation or build. It is not a framework, but it could be one.

You'll need basic knowledge of HTML, the Document Object Model, and basic CSS to take full advantage of DOM.create. But ultimately, this library frees front-end developers from being exposed to anything but JS.

Is the idea ambitious? Yes. But, is it just a cool library to play with? Absolutely. Will it make you a better cook? Not, unless you are cooking sites.