ITP Camp 2021

Make your own game in Unity, from a first-person perspective

Session Leaders: Yiting Liu

Tags: #unity #game #itchio #workflow #narrative #fps #perspective #experience #immersive #webgl

Created By: Yiting Liu

Do you want to make your own game and publish it on the web? This session will work you through the interface of Unity and some basic steps to get started.

Prep steps:

  1. Download Unity and Unity Hub. We will use 2019.4.19f.

  2. Download the following material before class.

Class Agenda:

  1. Prompt of the project for the final show: Tell a story from a first-person perspective in Unity.

  2. What is a first-person perspective and what are the mediums?

  3. What is Unity? & Interface walkthrough.

  4. Basic tutorials on creating a first-person game/experience.