ITP Camp 2021

*NEW TIME* Topics in Tech: Discussion - Uncanny Valley and the human-tech relationship

Session Leaders: Vidisha

Tags: #itp #creative tech #discussion

Created By: Vidisha

(rescheduled - originally Monday 4pm NEW TIME)

Weekly discussion - For those in need of a little break from MAKING, and who want to discuss and think about the technology we are making in the context in the world we live in!

Starting off with the concept of the Uncanny Valley, and the foundational question of a creative technologist - the human tech relationship.

Open to everyone! If you're keen to learn some brand new terms and theoretical concepts that makers grapple with, or if you already have extensive thoughts on the concept and want to share and bounce ideas, or if you just want to listen and absorb.

I'll be introducing the topic and terms so everyone is on the same page, but then it's just a discussion!!! :)

(If you've seen Ex Machina, and it turned your world upside down too, I'd love you to join!)