ITP Camp 2021

Creative Activism in the Age of Fake News

Session Leaders: Mary Notari

Tags: #activism #brainstorming #direct action #design thinking

Created By: Mary Notari

All activism is creative. In order to be persuasive as well as effective, it needs to be. What does creative activism look like in the current landscape of disinformation? Can artistic thinking and creative visioning heal the fractured reality that exists in the minds of the public? In this workshop, we will take a look at examples of creative activism of the recent past and together identify what makes each one effective––or not. In small groups, we will use what we've learned from the examples given to brainstorm the beginnings of our own actions, interventions, and/or activist campaigns and then present them to each other.

This workshop will take place over the course of 2.5 hours on Zoom. The first presentation part will be done as one large group, the brainstorming stage will take place first as one big group using a Miro board in order to identify areas of interest, and then we will break out into small groups in breakout rooms to flesh out our ideas before returning to present to each other.