ITP Camp 2021

Not a Hello World - "You Are Awesome" a First iOS App

Session Leaders: John Gallaugher

Tags: #iOS #iPhone #App #Swift #Newbie #Fun #Programming

Created By: John Gallaugher

Let's Build an iOS App Together Using the Swift Programming Language!

No experience necessary, but you will need a Mac and Apple's free Xcode software (it takes a while & takes up quite a bit of space on your Mac). Here's the link to get Xcode:

Also, use your Apple ID to create an Apple Developer Account (also free, ignore the $99 version you'd need only if you were submitting to the app store). Go to:

I have a "No Hello World" policy in my classes, but in this lightning session, you'll draw an interface, then add a list of inspiring phrases to an app and have them show up randomly when you click a button. I'll also share images you can use so we can add images, or you can add your own jpegs or pngs. If we have time, we'll add sounds cheering you on, as well. And if you don't have the software, feel free to tune in. I'll share some YouTube content where you can learn on your own.

Need help downloading Xcode & setting up an Apple ID? This video can help, but you may not need this:

Hope to see you there! John - @gallaugher -