ITP Camp 2021

NFT Art - An Overview

Session Leaders: multostars

Tags: #NFT #NFTs #digital art #art #crypto #cryptocurrency #art business #gallery

Created By: multostars

A Session on The New World of NFTs & Virtual Happy Hour

This session will be both a workshop and a happy hour.

The workshop will go over:

• what is cryptocurrency - briefly

• what is an NFT and how is it related to crypto

• what is the NFT marketplace

• the top marketplaces/exchanges

• the top NFT makers and big sellers

• the long view of the market

• how to mint an NFT - from wallets to bidding

• what are gas prices and top gas price monitoring sites

• what to consider when minting your own work (recorded)

The Happy Hour will include:

• digital art show and tell

• NFT show and tell

• how to make some virgin cocktails (BYOB)

• general mingling and discussion on art as commerce (not recorded)

What to have for class:

• a piece of digital art, if you are minting an NFT

• setting up a wallet with Meta Mask

• set up an account on Open Sea (our walk through minting site)

• the makings for your favorite cocktail and the willingness to show how us to make it

• snacks for the happy hour to share - links to your favorite digital art, links to your art, articles you find interesting on art and NFTs, really good memes that you think might eventually become NFTs (like the DOGE dog)


• Melissa's NFT Gallery on Open Sea, as resource and examples:

• Verge article explaining NFTs:

• The Conversation's article on the deeper implications of NFTs:

• Barron's article from a finance world POV on NFTs:

• NYAN Cat meme that was one of the first meme NFTs sold:

• DOGE dog meme being sold:

Session Presentation: