ITP Camp 2021

Hello World: Getting weird with Blender - an intro

Session Leaders: Morgan B

Tags: #blender #3d #digitalmedia #nodes #previz #opensource

Created By: Morgan B

This is an informational session about some ways I have been using Blender over the past 12+ years. I consider my self a life long learner of this tool that is constantly evolving and expanding. I'm interested in developing open source curriculum for teaching Blender as a platform for creating digital media.

I'll give an overview of how I use Blender for pre-visualization and content creation.

If you want to have it ready to go, please download the latest version of Blender from this link, We won't be doing too much in the way of a tutorial at this point, but might do a quick whirlwind overview.

A proper 3 button mouse with scroll wheel is high preferred.

I'll be planning more Blender sessions during camp, this will be a way to get a feel for what kinds of sessions everyone might be interested in.