ITP Camp 2021

Instruments of the Future: Digital Performance Concepts with New Interfaces and Ableton Live

Session Leaders: Dan Freeman

Tags: #Ableton Live #Music #Instruments #Music Production #Music Performance

Created By: Dan Freeman

The laptop is an absolutely incredible sound generating machine, however, as the great instrument builder Rodger Linn has stated, we are in the "dark ages" of digital musical interfaces. Producer/Bassist/Ableton Certified Trainer Dan Freeman discusses what may be coming for digital performance interfaces and will show a prototype of a new interface that he has been developing. The workshop will also discuss Ableton Live and the ClyphX scripting language which when combined, allow a performer great control over a laptop running Ableton Live in live performance situations. This workshop is aimed at musicians, electronic performers or those simply interested in some of the technology used in today's digital live performance. Much of the material is taken from the courses on live performance with laptops that Dan teaches at NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music and The Juilliard School