ITP Camp 2021

A-Frame-p5: A lightweight tool for web-based VR / 3D prototyping

Session Leaders: Craig Kapp

Tags: #beginner-friendly #p5 #education #vr #virtual-reality #3d #aframe

Created By: Craig Kapp

In this session I'll be introducing a lightweight VR / 3D prototyping system that I built for my beginner programming students at NYU to explore mixed reality with a minimal amount of code and setup. Built on top of p5.js and A-frame, this open-source framework can be used to create simple 3D environments, games and explorable spaces using a just a web browser and a few lines of code.

During the session we will build a few scenes together and I will provide lots of source code and example to get you started.

Disclaimer: this is NOT a production-grade tool for building full featured 3D spaces. But if you're looking for something simple to introduce beginning students to VR, or if you want to quickly hack together something cool using p5.js it may be for you!

Resources from the session