ITP Camp 2021

Invisible Sculptures: Virtual Studio Visit / Artist Talk

Session Leaders: Yeseul Song

Tags: #art #talk #studio visit #hi #perception #senses

Created By: Yeseul Song

Hi everyone!

In this session, I'll talk about my on-going project, Invisible Sculptures that I started in 2018. The session will also accompany a virtual studio visit to my studio.

Invisible Sculptures (2018~ ) is a series of sculptures that can be only seen by senses other than sight. The project explores a more sensory inclusive view of the world while questioning the meaning of “the art object” by challenging sighted people's dependence on vision through immersive multi-sensory experiences. The project is also a celebration of diversity evidenced by our biological, social, and cultural backgrounds, as well as the diversity of our perceptions. The sense of vision doesn’t help you to see Invisible Sculptures–because of this, visually impaired people and people with sight are on equal terms when they encounter these sculptures.

The project has been shown at/with Mana Contemporary (NJ), Art in Odd Places (NY), Museum of Arts and Design (NY), Brooklyn Arts Council (NY), Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture, and Clayarch Museum in South Korea,

Come and enjoy! If you want/can visit my studio (at Museum of Arts and Design in New York) in person during the time, email me. Looking forward to meeting you all.