ITP Camp 2021

Code the Earth: Deconstructing technocolonialism & beginner-ish p5.js

Session Leaders: Tess Sutherland

Tags: #p5.js #code #beginner #randomness #perlin #noise #nature

Created By: Tess Sutherland

Beginner friendly workshop in p5.js on making visual code that emulates natural phenomena. We will start all the way at the beginning with a basic overview of p5.js and advance to the point of being able to use Perlin noise to create nature-inspired landscapes and beautiful canvases. Along the way we'll talk about the relationship between our technologies and the biosphere and how bringing the earth into our code can help repair that connection.

Structure: The first part of the session will be a quick introduction to the wonderful world of p5.js followed by some code-along demos. The final 30 mins will provide buffer time to troubleshoot and play.

Participants are invited to join the session from a location outside surrounded in nature!