ITP Camp 2022

Make a Mask from A Single Sheet of Paper

Session Leaders: Kari Love

Tags: #costume #fabrication #paper #hands-on #sculpture

Created By: Kari Love

Paper-Sculpture is a technique that allows an artist to discover an expressive sculptural face from an otherwise flat piece of paper. After a brief introduction to puppeteer Albrecht Roser and Ingrid Höfer's "Papier Methode," we will make original masks from a single piece of paper. Easy enough for any beginner to learn, but endless possibilities for those who decide to take on the techniques and make them their own. We will also discuss techniques for turning your paper sculpt into a durable performance ready mask.

Supplies will be provided, but if you have them, please bring in:

  1. Card stock (11x17 preferred, 8.5x11 okay)
  2. Scissors
  3. Stapler
  4. optional: Exacto knife and cutting surface (mat or cardboard)