ITP Camp 2022

What's about the energy from the sun

Session Leaders: Jingyao Shao

Tags: #solar power #physical computing #energy #artist talk

Created By: Jingyao Shao

Want to know how to build a physical computing project that lives on its own under the sun? This session will talk about solar-powered artworks and give an introduction on how to use solar panels to power projects.

We will use the solar cart on the ITP floor to test the solar panel. If you have one, please bring it to the session so you can test yours. Don't worry if you don't have one, we will talk about how to select a solar panel for your project.

Plus, Allison Parrish (poet, programmer, ITP professor) is giving an online artist talk on her recent project "Solar Powered Dawn Poems" at CultureHub (link: After the workshop, we will watch her talk together to get some insights into how she developed this energy-efficient small language model.