ITP Camp 2022

How to Make a Mashup in Ableton!

Session Leaders: Willem

Tags: #music #ableton #audio #beginner

Created By: Willem

Do you like mashups? Have you ever heard a mashup and wondered how it was made? Have you ever heard two songs and thought that they would sound cool or funny together? Then this session is for you!

In this session, I’ll demo my personal workflow for sourcing a capellas and instrumentals, processing and EQing samples, editing audio in the timeline, and all the other steps that go into mashing up two songs.

We’ll also touch on some music theory concepts like the circle of fifths, relative minors/majors, and basic chord progressions. No prior knowledge of music theory is necessary!

I’ll be demoing everything in Ableton Live, which is (unfortunately) proprietary software. It has a 90-day free trial, and I’ll share my sample library in advance if you’d like to follow along with headphones. However, this session is not an Ableton tutorial! I’ll provide context when necessary but we’ll primarily focus on the generic aspects of my workflow that could apply to any audio workstation software.

My slides can be found here.