ITP Camp 2022

Make em' Move: Turning Michelangelo's David into a Metahuman

Session Leaders: Wolf Boxuan Chen

Tags: #metahuman #sculpture #unreal engine #3D scan #zbrush

Created By: Wolf Boxuan Chen

Ever wonder what Michelangelo's David would look like in real life? Unreal Engine 5.0.2 is now able to turn head mesh into Metahuman. In this session, each one of you would be able to turn David's head mesh into a metahuman with custom features of your choice. In the end, we will be collecting everyone's David and showing them in the Show Everything Show.

Downloads: Unreal Engine 5.0.2 (Update your UE5!), Quixel Bridge

Also, create a Metahuman Creator account that links to your Epic Games account

Link to Google Slides