ITP Camp 2022

Create Our Own ITP COmmunity Herb Garden

Have you ever planned a beautiful salmon dinner showcasing the subtle notes of the dill herb? Then rushed over to the supermarket where you are forced to invest $7 for a substantive bunch, used 1/10 of that bunch then left the rest to wither and die in the fridge?

How convenient would it be to grab just what you need from your very own herb garden! No waste. Fresh! Organic! What about if you could learn tips and tricks to getting more mileage out of your herb growing season or your fresh herbs from the supermarket?

Herbs are resilient and tenacious and love to grow. Some herbs are perennial and will yield from year to year. Many herbs are also tolerant of somewhat cool temperatures and will grow and yield through the fall season.

The ITP Community Herb Garden on the north facing balcony of the ITP floor will be an outdoor/indoor container garden where the ITP community will collectively grow, tend, harvest and share herbs for cooking. All herbs will be available to all community members as well as building security and maintenance staff.

In this session we will fill up planters with potting soil, organic fertilizer and compost. We will transplant herb seedlings into planters and water them. Come with your curiosity or your expertise. Bring your ideas on "Rules of Play" for how, when and who harvests herbs with fairness and community in mind.

Towards the end of camp we will reconvene to share recipes for creating rich, culturally diverse cuisine using the herbs in our herb garden. Herbs are wonderful for adding complex flavor notes to salads and other dishes and can be enjoyed raw as well as cooked.

Come ready to get your hands dirty!

Location: This will be held on the outdoor balcony by the elevators.