ITP Camp 2022

Make A Small Game World: Procedural Generation for 2D

Session Leaders: Alex L. Alex L.

Tags: #P5 #Lua #procedural generation #programming #fun #worlds #gaming

Created By: Alex L.

Are you curious about dynamically-generated worlds? Maybe you learned P5.js and aren't quite sure what to do with it? Come hang out and get started making your own dynamic 2D worlds!

We'll start from how to put together an idea for a dynamically-generated project, and then go through some basic, useful maths for making that project shine. Using your choice of drawing library - or one we choose together - we'll put together a set of simple functions to get started making a small world. Along the way we'll chat about procedurally generated video games like Desert Golf, 2018 smash hit game Hades, and ways to use procgen to support your very interesting human ideas! Which you definitely have, and will have more of soon!

Bonus: Come try out the game system from Panic Software x Teenage Engineering! It's weird! It's tiny! It's very simple and fun to work with.

Key technology:

P5.js, Canvas.js, the simulator from Panic Software

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