ITP Camp 2022

How to Haunt a House

Session Leaders: Jason Tse Melissa P

Tags: #ghosts #disney #illusion #scary #halloween #theater #magic #history #hoax #marketing #ritual #workshop

Created By: Jason Tse

Location: Media Commons (2nd Floor)

This ITP Camp session is an investigation into (fake?) ghost sightings and spirit communication as a part of popular culture, with a focus on design and engineering. The session is split into 3 parts:

  1. A brief lecture on the history of hoaxes and hauntings, focusing primarily on the Fox Sisters and how the rise of spiritualism in the 1800s impacted the use of “spookiness” in media and pop culture today

  2. Overview of some quintessential techniques for faking hauntings and spirit activity, from practical stage effects in the 1800s to the engineering marvels of modern-day haunted houses (e.g. Disney’s “Haunted Mansion”)

  3. Hands-on workshop creating 2-3 illusions using simple materials and tools (will not require technical background from participants)

Note: If you would like to participate in the workshop, please bring a charged phone with a working rear view camera.