ITP Camp 2022

Create and JAM OUT on your own analog synthesizer circuit!

Session Leaders: Yonatan Rozin

Tags: #noise #analog #circuits #physical computing #music #jam #sound #synthesis

Created By: Yonatan Rozin

Analog circuits that create noise from scratch are super simple, fun and cheap to make and can help us learn the fundamentals of both electronics AND sound synthesis. For under 5 bucks a pop in components, you can create and jam on your own customizable musical instrument, no programming (or prior skills/experience of any kind) required!

For some inspiration/a taste of what's possible:

Learn how to:

  • Synthesize a (square) sound wave from scratch using 3 super simple components,
  • Modify the generator to change the pitch using a multitude of options:
    • Knobs, photocells, force-sensitive pads, graphite on paper, rubber cords and more
  • Create a second wave generator and feed it into the first to multiply the signals
  • Jam out!
  • (time permitting) record/view your signal using an oscilloscope

Materials (provided):

  • Capacitors (pls bring your own if you have any)
    • Multiple different values between .1µf and 50µf is optimal
  • Resistors
    • Multiple different values between 1kΩ and 1MΩ
  • 1 40106 HEX SCHMITT TRIGGER INVERTER IC CHIP (limited supply, some sharing may be required)
  • Any of these (or other) variable resistors, your choice!

A limited quantity of these will be provided, but please bring your own if you have:

  • A graphite pencil and paper
  • Batteries: any above 3V
    • A single 9V works best but 2 AA/AAA will work as well
  • Breadboard, jumper wires, alligator clips
  • An audio cable (male 2 male) to insert into...
  • an amp/amplified speaker OR...
  • a laptop with Max (free download) installed
    • NOTE If using the above laptop with Max as your amplified speaker, you’ll need an audio to USB adapter. The signal will NOT work through the headphone port unless you use a TRS-TRRS adapter or a TRRS connector.
    • Feel free to email me with any questions if you’re unsure whether your setup will work!