ITP Camp 2022

Hidden in Plain Text: Introduction to PGP/GPG

Session Leaders: Mark L.

Tags: #digital security #pgp #gpg #terminal #encryption #fun times #public key infrastrutre

Created By: Mark L.

Digital encryption is a fundamental technology in digital communication that ensures privacy over public channels. This workshop introduces the concept of encryption and why it is important in communications. The history of encryption will be discussed from pre-digital to digital forms. The workshop will cover different types of encryption, such as symmetric and asymmetric encryption, and discuss public key infrastructure. Finally, participants will see digital encryption in action by encrypting and decrypting messages in a guided activity that introduces PGP/GPG, a standard that is commonly used for email encryption.

We'll be using as our environment for technical portions of the workshop. Please come with an account already created! Alternatively, make one during the workshop.

Workshop Resources:
- Slide deck
- Spreadsheet
- for workshop
- Github Repo