ITP Camp 2022

3D to 2D Drawing Basics: Proportion, Scale, Positon and Value

Session Leaders: Sage Sidley

Tags: #drawing #analog #compositon #visual arts #life drawing #still life

Created By: Sage Sidley

An introductory level life drawing workshop (all levels welcome). Using sighting, measuring and mapping techniques, learn how to render 3D objects onto a 2D plane with accuracy. Additionally, in this session we will utilize the fundamentals of composition (position, scale, and value) to illustrate primary depth cues (visual devices to give the illusion of 3D space). Techniques in this lesson are transferable to better rendering techniques across disciplines.

For this session you will need: - Pencil(s) and an eraser - An object/objects you would like to draw - choose an object that reflects your drawing level.

Optional: Mixed drawing materials such as, Charcoal, chalk, conté, compressed charcoal, pencil crayons, etc.

Paper, make-shift drawing boards, and bull clips will be provided.