ITP Camp 2022

Show All Things Show - Part 1 - Presentations

Session Leaders: ITP Campers

Tags: #all camp #social #show

Created By: Kate Hartman

End of camp show!This is the demo / physical exhibition part of the Show All Things Show.

This is not a formal presentation or a fancy exhibition. This is an opportunity for you to share any and all projects or works in progress you’ve generated during your time at ITP Camp 2022. Items to put in the Show All Things Show include:

  • materials tests
  • sketches
  • rough prototypes
  • projects-in-process
  • installations
  • objects
  • software
  • video
  • sound pieces
  • immersive experiences
  • manifestos
  • demos
  • or anything else you’d like to share!

If you are planning to install work, be sure to add your project to this slideshow.