ITP Camp 2022

Casting call: Learn the basics of silicone casting!

Have you ever wondered how some pieces are mass produced? How prop makers, and makeup FX artists make casts for actors and props? Or how to use that bucket of silicone that was sitting in the shop to create copies of a functional part?

Come to this session to learn all about how to make casts of 3D printed miniatures, engineering pieces, or whatever else you can think of! This will be a conceptual and partially hands-on tutorial demonstration of some of the concepts found within mold making.

This is a beginner course and will introduce you to silicone, how to make a mold box, concepts surrounding the process of mold making, and how best to work with silicone with whatever part you're trying to recreate. We will cover cut molds, as well as sock molds, and will discuss the different types of silicone, their properties, and why you should use one thing over the other.