ITP Camp 2022

Create Your Pixel Game/Character that Runs on a Site

Session Leaders: Shuang Cai

Tags: #Game Development #Pixel Art #Simple Coding #Lua #Game Design #Coding #GitHub

Created By: Shuang Cai

The session is a crash course on Tic-80 -- a free and open-source fantasy computer for making, playing, and sharing tiny games. Check out this game I am working on to get a gist of the platform

We probably won't be able to build an entire game in this course, but I guarantee that you will go home with your own character walking around your screen on a site towards the end of the session. With the idea of metaverse becoming more and more pervasive, one might argue that a character living in a site could be somewhat a representation of a metaverse (for better or worse).

Please install Tic-80 API in advance on your laptop or desktop. I was informed that Windows computers might cross into problems installing. Feel free to contact me via email if that's the case. Though you may be able to get away with the browser version, it is so much nicer if you have the API installed.

We will also be hosting the site on GitHub, so - unless you are an HTML master;) - having a GitHub account in hand would be helpful