ITP Camp 2022

Fusion 360 - From digital design to physical object.

This course will cover :

  • What is parametric modeling and when is it useful?
  • Embedding design-intent into your 3d model construction.
  • How to set up a Fusion 360 project: Planes, Sketches, Bodies, Components, Assemblies.
  • Example workflows for getting your parts CNC routed, 3D printed, and laser cut.

Come with Fusion 360 downloaded on your computer. A 3 button mouse is highly recommended for easy navigation.

  1. You will need to create an Autodesk account to use Fusion 360

  2. If you have an NYU ID, I recommend getting the free educational version which is full featured. You will need to create an educational Autodesk account first. The verification process requires you to upload a picture of your ID.

  3. Alternatively get the free non-commercial version, or the 30 day free trial.

Download Links

Fusion 360 non-commercial

  1. Click “get started” at the bottom of the “Fusion 360 for personal use” column
  2. Enter your email only if you already have an Autodesk Account otherwise click the “CREATE ACCOUNT” text under the “NEXT” button.

Fusion 360 30-day free trial

Educational version of Fusion 360

  1. Click “Get Started” under Fusion 360 1.Don’t enter your email unless you already have an Autodesk account
  2. Click the small “created account” under the “NEXT” button
  3. Fill in the fields and follow prompts to upload a picture of your NYU ID