ITP Camp 2022

After Effects 2.0 - Animate your concrete poetry

Session Leaders: vesper

Tags: #after effects #animation #motion graphics #postproduction #special effects #motion text

Created By: vesper

"A picture is worth a thousand words?"

Why having to make it an either/or comparison? Text could also be images. When text begins to move, each frame is a picture; altogether, a sequence of pictures compose a motion of poetics.

This is a hands-on session that begins with a tutorial of text animation and followed with a workshop to make your own poetic moving text.

No After Effects pre-requisite, but we won't start from the very basics for this one. However, vesper will guide you through the necessities to get your text moving.

Please come with After Effects ready on your laptop!

And maybe come with a poem (or even better, a concrete poem) or other forms of text you'd like to play with. Excited to see your experiments!


AE file: