ITP Camp 2022

Introduction to Music Theory: A Beginner's Guide to Harmony

Session Leaders: Octavio F

Tags: #music #composition

Created By: Octavio F

-We've learned about Ableton Live, Mashups, OSC, the Octatrack. Now it's time to understand notes, scales, and chords!

-This session is intended for campers with no prior musical training. The idea is to provide them with a basic framework to express their musical ideas in their projects.

-We will start with a very brief overview of the origins of musical thought and practice in Western Civilization, from prehistoric music to this day.

-The rest of the session will be practical and simple, the aim is to provide you with tools you can understand and use immediately.

What you will learn:

-What is a note.

-How to use notes to build scales (focusing on the major and natural minor scale).

-How to use scales to build chords (focusing on major and minor chords).

-How to build chords and chord progressions to use in your projects.

No prior knowledge, software or equipment is required. However you are welcome to bring any instrument, software or gear you wish.