ITP Camp 2022

The COVID-19 Impact Project - Extracting Stories from Data

Update on The COVID-19 Impact Project:

Join us to discuss how we can continue to make space for personal stories, memorialization, enlightenment, and inspiration.

ITP Post Doctoral Fellow Shindy Johnson, inventor John Henry Thompson and AI researcher Tyler Peppel will discuss the genesis and future of the COVID-19 Impact Project. Learn about the story and technology (such as p5.js, nodejs, react) behind the COVID-19 Memorial Ticker in the Lobby at 370 Jay Street and the COVID-19 Impact Dashboard. Explore the promise of AI in amplifying the lessons to be gleaned from pandemic stories.

What tools exist to visualize the data, analyze patterns and extract meaning beyond the numbers? How can we apply artificial intelligence and natural language processing to large story datasets to reveal patterns of resilience?

Bring your ideas on creative visualization, memorialization and storytelling related to our collective COVID-19 experience.