ITP Camp 2022

Remote Control your Robots

Session Leaders: Leia C Zack Kampf

Tags: #arduino #code #osc #max

Created By: Leia C

If you can, PLEASE GET YOUR OWN WIFI-CAPABLE ARDUINO. The ITP Shop does not have enough Nano IOT 33s to support the number of people registered for this session.

Please fill out this survey to help us plan.

Alternate title: Arduino Puppeteering with Max Alternate Alternate title: Advanced Learnings for Networked Installations

An intro course on using Max & OSC to control your Arduino projects! While Max is known for its use in the audio world, it's also an excellent tool for controlling, testing, and tweaking your Arduino work from afar.

This session will include a basic introduction to OSC messaging, a step-by-step walkthrough on setting up Max and Arduino, and optional interfacing to other useful tools (such as TouchOSC).

Will require a wifi-capable Arduino. Familiarity with Arduino & coding is suggested.

Equipment Requirements (In Development):