ITP Camp 2022

Redesigning the Human Body: Biohacking

Session Leaders: Juan P

Tags: #biohacking #grinders #transhumanism #cybernetics

Created By: Juan P

When we think of the future of design and technology, many of us think of ROBOTS and the proof is seen in the growing popularity of robotics clubs and competitions starting in middle school. And while designers are creating machines that augment human capabilities, some designers are taking a more direct and ethically ambiguous road, when combining human and machine capabilities. These are the "Biohackers" or "Grinders".

In the first part of this session, we will explore the movements and ideologies that influenced the application of the hacker ethic in the pursuit of enhancement or change to the body's functions through technological means.

The second half will be an open discussion on the ethics and opportunities of biohacking. Do not worry. In this session, we will NOT be inserting RFID chips and magnets under our skin. We can save that for another session ;)