ITP Camp 2022

How to Build An Interactive Wall to Showcase Your Project (Online)

Session Leaders: Fang Yi

Tags: #Electronics #Projection Mapping #Bare Conductive #Women in STEM

Created By: Fang Yi

Are you interested in building an interactive wall to showcase your project in a gallery or exhibition, but not sure how to get started?

I will walk you through all the steps I took to build an interactive wall with bare conductive and projection mapping to showcase my program called Women's Maker Program. I will also discuss tools, materials, workflows, design considerations that hopefully will inspire you to build your own interactive wall in the future. Check out my project demo here: and final showcase video

Note: This is not a hands-on workshop, because I'm based in Virginia and this project requires a lot of different software and hardware to produce. However, after this session, you should be equiped with an understanding of how things work together and determine what materials/software/hardware to purchase for your own project.