ITP Camp 2022

Crafting Textile Sensors

Session Leaders: Liza Stark

Tags: #etextiles #conductive fabric #sensors #textiles #code

Created By: Liza Stark

Love textiles? Love building circuits? Interested in exploring new materials, concepts of softness, and/or learning how to craft your own bespoke sensors? This workshop is for you if you answered yes to one or more!

In this workshop, we will cover a basic introduction to conductive and resistive textiles, examine different techniques for textile sensor construction, then build a pressure sensor in any shape or form you wish. Along the way, we can have side and group conversations about the worlds we build and relearn by combining disciplines traditionally lodged in different cultural and social spaces. What opportunities and inquiries exist at their intersection?

This workshop will assumes the following:

  • You can sew a basic running or back stitch. If you do not know how, please spend 10-15 minutes on YouTube beforehand as I will not cover this.
  • No prior physical computing knowledge. Indeed, it is best to come with an open mind as these materials can be quite wicked and you must be willing to start a dialogue with them instead of seeking control over them.

You will need to bring the following tools:

  • Pencil/pen
  • Scissors (for my textile folks, we will be cutting fabric and paper, so bring pairs accordingly if you like)

Optional (I will bring extra)

  • Needle
  • Thread (threader if you like to use one)