ITP Camp 2022

"Non-WHATable tokens!?": A Crash Course in Blockchain and NFTs!

Session Leaders: Branson Laszlo

Tags: #blockchain #crypto #nft #nfts #beginner #lfg

Created By: Branson Laszlo

Come one, come all! Let's talk about this meme-fueled intersection of art and technology, and then mint our own NFTs.

In this session, I will attempt to peel back the curtain on blockchain technology, focusing in particular on non-fungible tokens and the Ethereum network.

The first part of the session will offer an introduction to general concepts and jargon specific to the world of crypto as well as a survey of novel NFT projects and relevant tools.

The second part of the session will be more technical and hands-on, and I will get into some of the grittier details of "minting" NFTs. Time-permitting, we will walk through the steps of minting your own NFTs on an Ethereum test network with the help of the smart contract tool.

See you then!