ITP Camp 2022

The Wonderful World of MIDI Controllers for Javascript Input

Session Leaders: David Stein

Tags: #MIDI #Javascript #P5 #Controllers

Created By: David Stein

I have an addiction to buying MIDI controllers. It's a problem. The multitude of knobs, buttons and flashing lights I find irresistible when seeing that "one-click to purchase" on everyone's least favorite e-commerce site.

MIDI is an interface that was originally designed for musical instruments to communicate with each other. Now it is used in a variety of controllers and with a little bit of coding, you can write Javascript to receive input from these controllers to control more than just music, it can be used as an interface to your Javascript Apps.

Did you ever want to have a series of physical knobs control your P5 sketch? How about create a game in Javascript that uses a unique controller that goes beyond a keyboard, mouse and joystick?

In this hour long session, I will introduce you to MIDI and how to work with MIDI controllers to control your Javascript sketches.

WARNING: This addiction to MIDI controllers can be contagious, wearing masks or attending zoom will not prevent you from catching this virus.