ITP Camp 2022

Knitting 101

Session Leaders: Emily J Gertz

Tags: #wearables #knitting #craft #textiles #beginner #intro #101 #soft lab

Created By: Emily J Gertz

Getting started with knitting is easy. In this session I'll explain the four most basic knitting techniques: casting on (getting a row of loops onto the knitting needle), knit stitch, purl stitch and casting off.

This – and a tiny bit of sewing – is all you'll need to know to create finished objects large and small.

We'll have several sets of knitting needles and yarn available for campers to get hands-on with the techniques. If you'd like to bring your own supplies: I suggest straight needles size US8, US9, US10 or US11 made of bamboo or plastic, and a smooth worsted or heavy worsted (sometimes called "aran") weight yarn made of wool, acrylic, or a wool-acrylic blend, in a light or bright color.

Note: I suggest not starting with pure cotton, bamboo or linen yarns, because they don't have any stretch and thus are harder to work with.