ITP Camp 2022

Audio-reactive visuals: Intro to Ableton + Connecting Ableton Live with Touchdesigner

Session Leaders: Marcel Wang

Tags: #music #audio-reactive #creative #ableton #touchdesigner #intermediate #beginner

Created By: Marcel Wang

In this session, we will get hands-on in creating your music and then use it in Touchdesigner. We're going to go through Ableton Live basics in the first hour, then build communications from Ableton Live to Touchdesigner. The Ableton Live introduction will be given by Elias Jarzombek(

The session includes (1) having a basic knowledge of Ableton Live and making a short and simple clip on your own (2) installing the tool TDAbleton in both software. (3) sending midi data from Ableton Live to Touchdesigner. (4)processing the data and applying it to variables in Touchdesigner. (5) sharing great audio-reactive visuals examples and tutorials.


Intro to Ableton: 1.30-2.30 pm

Connecting Ableton Live with Touchdesigner: 2.30-3.30 pm