ITP Camp 2022

Starting smarter with Cinema4D - learnings from 6 years of Everyday Art

Session Leaders: Suraj Barthy

Tags: #itp #habits #3d #cinema4d #c4d #workflow #process #intro #basics #101

Created By: Suraj Barthy

Cinema 4d is something that I have been using for my Everyday Art Project where I create one work of art, every day for the last 6 years. The project started with the idea to Learn Something New Every Day. In this session, I will introduce you to the tool, some smart practices that apply to any tool, how to make art every day, and hopefully, get you started on your everyday 3D journey.

Takeaways: Confidence in exploring 3D on your own Not worry about the learning curve when approaching something new

Requirements: Computer, Cinema4d (Trial is 14 days, so install closer to the date of the session), mouse (optional)