ITP Camp 2022

Make your Javascript communicate with Socket.IO

Session Leaders: David Stein

Tags: #sockets #messaging #p5 #javascript #node.js #glitch

Created By: David Stein

ITP’s mission is to explore the imaginative use of communications technologies—how they might augment, improve, and bring delight, utility and meaning into people's lives. Learning Socket.IO will allow you to easily add communication abilities such as messaging, remote interactivity and audience participation to your creative applications.

The Socket.IO library is a Javascript library that takes care of all of the difficult aspects of communications and messaging on networks. By integrating Socket.IO into your Javascript app, you can allow people to send messages, data and images to each other.

Some creative uses of Socket.IO may be: - Chat functionality between users - Audience participation/feedback during a performance using cell phones. - Remote controllers for a multi-user online game - IOT Remote Sensors - Send secret messages to a hidden device in someone's shoe

In this workshop attendees will create an app that lets users remotely and collaboratively create a piece of "art". The class touches lightly on a variety of Javascript technologies that are used throughout ITP. Networking topics, the Socket.IO library, Javascript, P5, and Node.

Intermediate Level Class where some familiarity with Javascript is preferred.